ICC World Cup 2023 Schedule: Full list of rescheduled matches, timings, fixtures, dates

As the cricketing world gears up for the highly anticipated ICC World Cup 2023, destined to unfold in India, a wave of modifications has swept through the original schedule. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), with its meticulous planning, has introduced nine changes that demand the attention of cricket enthusiasts and travelers alike. Whether you had charted your travel dates or were eagerly awaiting specific clashes, these adjustments will undoubtedly reshape your cricket experience.

Among the most captivating encounters in the tournament, the India vs Pakistan clash has witnessed a significant shift. Originally set to ignite the cricketing world on October 15 in Ahmedabad, this iconic duel has been rescheduled to the preceding day, October 14. The adjustment amplifies the excitement surrounding this timeless rivalry, as fans eagerly anticipate the clash of titans.

The domino effect of this alteration extends to other matches as well. England’s showdown against Afghanistan, initially pegged for October 14 in Delhi, will now unfold on October 15, aligning with the change in the India-Pakistan fixture.

Furthermore, the revised schedule brings forth a sequence of changes that affect various fixtures. Pakistan’s engagement against Sri Lanka in Hyderabad, originally slated for October 12, has been moved to October 10, ushering in new dynamics to this encounter. Similarly, the battle between South Africa and Australia, initially earmarked for October 13 in Lucknow, has been shifted to October 12, intensifying the contest.

The New Zealand vs Bangladesh clash in Chennai, previously scheduled for October 14, now takes center stage on October 13. Additionally, this match transforms from a day game to a day-night spectacle, offering fans a unique viewing experience. Meanwhile, England’s encounter against Bangladesh in Dharamsala, initially slated for a day-night contest on October 10, will now unfold as a day match.

Steering the focus toward November, the double-header fixtures slated for November 12 undergo a change. The England vs Pakistan clash in Kolkata and the Australia vs Bangladesh showdown in Pune have been rescheduled to November 11, offering fans an action-packed day of cricketing excitement.

Concluding the series of modifications, India’s final league game, which was previously set for November 11 against Netherlands in Bengaluru, now takes place on November 12. This alteration promises a thrilling conclusion to India’s league journey in the tournament.

In essence, the BCCI’s strategic recalibration of the ICC World Cup 2023 schedule has injected an element of unpredictability and excitement into the cricketing extravaganza. As the fixtures evolve and timelines shift, cricket enthusiasts are poised to witness a tournament characterized by its dynamic nature, unforgettable clashes, and captivating moments on the field.


Oct 10: ENG vs BAN (Dharamsala) (D) Oct 10: ENG vs BAN (Dharamsala) (D/N)
Oct 10: PAK vs SL (Hyderabad) (Day-night) Oct 12: PAK vs SL (Hyderabad) (D/N)
Oct 12: AUS vs SA (Lucknow) (Day-night) Oct 13: AUS vs SA (Lucknow) (D/N)
Oct 13: NZ vs BAN (Chennai) (Day-night) Oct 14: NZ vs BAN (Chennai) (D)
Oct 14: IND vs PAK (Ahmedabad) (D/N) Oct 15: IND vs PAK (Ahmedabad) (D/N)
Oct 15: ENG vs AFG (Delhi) (D/N) Oct 14: England vs Afghanistan (Delhi) (D/N)
Nov 11: AUS vs BAN (Pune) (D) Nov 12: AUS vs BAN (Pune) (D)
Nov 11: ENG vs PAK (Kolkata) (D/N) Nov 12: ENG vs PAK (Kolkata) (D/N)
Nov 12: IND vs NED (Bengaluru) (D/N) Nov 11: IND vs NED (Bengaluru) (D/N)

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